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Pastry Sous Chef 饼房副厨师长


Hotel Brand: Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts
Location: China, Tianjin, Tianjin

Hotel: Tianjin Meijiangnan (TSNTM), East to South Youyi Road, Hexi District, Opposite Tianjin Meijiang Conference&Exhibition Center, 300221

Job number: 129156

·        Prepares and present bakedpastries including the preparation of:

·        制作提供烘烤面点,包括以下食品的制作:

o    Baked pastries

o   烤面点

o    Handling and storage of commodities

o   处理和存储商品

o    Chou pastry dishes

o   卷心菜面点

o    Gateau pithiviers

o   杏仁酱馅松饼

o    Bake and fill a variety of sweet pate dishes

o   烘烤并填充甜馅

o    Savoury products from chou short and puff

o    卷心菜和泡夫类可口食品

·        Prepares and present yeastraised pastries including the preparation of:

·        制作和装饰发酵面点,包括以下食品的制作

o   Croissants

o   牛角包

o   Brioche

o   法式牛油面包

o   Kuchen

o   德式面包

o   Danish pastries

o   丹麦式酥皮饼

o   Savarins and babas

o   萨伐仑松饼和兰姆糕

·        Prepare and present afternoontea items including:

·        制作和装饰下午茶食品,包括:

o   Those suitable to be served forafternoon tea in a hotel

o   适合用作酒店下午茶的食品

o   Flans and pies

o   果馅饼和派 

·        Prepare and present dessertsincluding:

·        制作和装饰甜点,包括:

o   Frozen desserts

o   冻甜点

o   Hot desserts

o   热甜点

o   Cold desserts

o   冷甜点

o   Specialty desserts

o   特色甜点

·        Prepare and present gateaux, tortesand cakes including:

·        制作和装饰嘎萄蛋糕、葡特蛋糕和普通蛋糕,包括

o   Traditional gateaux, torten andcakes

o   传统嘎萄蛋糕、葡特蛋糕和普通蛋糕

o   Finish and decorate them

o   将其制作完毕后进行装饰

o   Prepare for service and servethem to guests

o   进行准备后将其送给客人

o   Design, prepare, cover anddecorate cakes for festive occasions

o   为节日蛋糕进行设计、制作、表面处理

o   Prepare a range of cheesecakes

o   制作各种奶酪蛋糕

·        Prepare marzipan work

·        制作杏仁蛋白软糖

o   Prepare modeling marzipan

o   制作杏仁蛋白软糖模型

o   Prepare a range of moldedflowers and figures

o   制作各种花和人物模型

o   Manipulate marzipan to covercakes

o   制作蛋糕表面上的杏仁蛋白软糖

·        Prepare Petits Fours

·        制作法式点心

o   Prepare a range of petits fourssecs

o   制作各种花色小蛋糕

o   Prepare a range of petits foursglaces

o   制作各种冰花小蛋糕

·         Maintain personal hygiene

·         保持个人卫生

·        Maintain hygienic standards andpractices

·        保持卫生标准和规则

·        Maintain a hygienic kitchen

·        保持厨房的卫生

·        Clean the kitchen and equipment

·        清洁并整理工作区域

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