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Best offers from Hometown

The Best offers from Hometown programme helps our colleagues return to their home towns, where they can re-connect with loved ones and work in local IHG® hotels.



The 'Best offers from Hometown' Programme


Bringing talent home – and helping colleagues thrive

The pioneering Best Offers from Hometown programme helps employees move between regions and return to their roots. Thanks to thriving hotel network in China’s second- and third-tier cities, our people can take the skills they’ve learned elsewhere and use them closer to home. This ground-breaking scheme could well be a first within the industry. It enables employees to bring their existing work experience back home, make new breakthroughs in new positions, and continue to build a better life. The programme is supported by our national hotel network and driven by our sense of social responsibility and respect for family life.

Is the Best Offers from Hometown programme for me?

Take advantage of the programme and you’ll be integrated into your local IHG business. A vital bridge between hotel management and the team, you’ll pass on the rich technical experience and the advanced management concepts you’ve learned working abroad. By passing on your professional skills and knowledge, you’ll build the local hospitality industry and help your hotel flourish. Rest assured that we offer great rewards and excellent working environments right across the country.

Whether you’re an employee, a team leader, or even a hotel manager, you can benefit from career development while enhancing your contribution to the company. The programme gives you the opportunity to realise your ambitions in your home town, close to the people you love.

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